Paul Walker Memorial Meet (Redline Motorsport/Canibeat combined meet) Hey guys
So I wanted to get a few things cleared up first. You guys might be wondering why I muted a small section of the video. I had it muted due to a privacy reason. Second, I apologize for the second half of the video due to the water spots on the waterproof housing because at that time, the rain was just coming down and I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried my best to get the absolute best shots that I possibly could knowing that there were hundreds of other people trying to do the same thing as me, get video footage from the best angles. Third, I was freaking out because like I said in the video, on the Facebook page, both groups said in advanced to NOT be disrespectful by doing burnouts, peel outs, engine revving, etc etc because I and some other people knew that the cops would come eventually if they didn’t stop but it was like a chain of events, once the first person starts, it just doesn’t stop. Luckily we were forced to leave near the time when the meet was supposed to end. That being said, it wasn’t as peaceful as I thought it would be but aside from that, this is probably the best meet that I’ve ever gone to and will most likely be the best meet I’ve ever gone to. Despite the downpour of rain for almost the entire time, I can’t complain because I had a blast there. In my opinion Paul Walker’s an amazing actor, F&F will never be the same without him, off of the screen is just an ordinary person like any of us, and this is my tribute to him. R.I.P.

Took a lot of time to edit this video to make it the best it could possibly be, please drop a like. I do not own any of the pictures or music that were used in the making of this video. I give credit to one of my friends who got the picture of the cops who blocked off one of the exits.